Here are a few links useful when installing Ubuntu:

  1. Video depicting dual-boot along with Windows on the system.
  2. Enable wireless WPA access point :
  3. 13 things to do after Ubuntu installation :
  4. Java installation :
  5. Sample java program : Follow these steps to test installation with a java program – vi, Type in this code snippet : class Sample {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    System.out.println(“Sample program”);
  6. prashant@xyz-laptop:~$ javac
    prashant@xyz-laptop:~$ java Sample
    Sample program
  7. If you see the above output, you can be sure the java installation is working fine. If you see errors, make sure javac has been installed correctly by (whereis javac). If this cannot be located, install java sdk as described in the above article.
  8. How to set environment variable JAVA_HOME – locate where java is installed, mine was installed at /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun – sudo vi /etc/bash.bashrc
    and insert
    export JAVA_HOME
  9. Now exit the shell and reopen it, type echo $JAVA_HOME and you should see the path set
  10. Skype installation :
  11. chm reader : sudo apt-get install xchm

I will continue to add helpful resources as I proceed with my installation…